why am I pretending to be teacher-material

In times like theese when most people live in the fast lane, are we using facebook, blogs and other internetbased communication sites as a substitute for talking to eachother in real life? If this is the case, then why are we doing it? My answer to the first question is yes and I think there are two main reasons that contribute to the fact that our social life is becoming more and more computerized.

     Money is acctualy one of the major reasons for that everything these days should be dealt with as quickly as possible. Many people have very time-consuming jobs nowadays wich requires a certain tempo to keep their employment and satisfy the grooving need of efficiency at the labourmarket. These preassure is primarily due to what actually feels like the Western World mantra “Time is money”, and money means prosperity which in turn contributes to security for thoose who makes it . When we choose to communicate our concerns to people via Facebook instead of picking up the phone and call, or when we choose to leave our blogadress instead to meet with our friends over a cup of coffee we save a whole lot of time and thus money.

     The second factor comes natrual due to the first one and is simply the lack of time to spend qualitytime with people in real life and talk about your life and your feelings. Every person do have a natrual need for confirmation and a good way of getting that in a short amount of time is through blogs and facebook/twitter-status (when you write some short scentence about what you are doing or how you are feeling).

     The two factors described above are defenitly disadvantages and it would absolutely be interesting to dig deeper and find out what advantages there are with people making their prvate matters public though I think the bad outweighs the good. I am not saying that internetbased tools are taking over our whole social life; I am just making a point at how much we actually use this kind of methods already, and of course the significance of keeping our in real life communication. Stress is also one of our times biggest national disease, and to unwind and start seeing people in less stressfull situtions instead of trying to use the internet as a timesaver may give us the key we need to cure our growing ill-health.


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